Hello. Thanks for stopping by. Since you’re here I assume that you need some help. You may have a fundraising challenge or need help building the brand of your organization. Or maybe, your marketing team is just spread thin and needs an extra hand. I'm sure that you've worked with agencies that have promised to be everything to all people. So, let’s begin by telling you what I'm not: I'm not all things to all people. Yep, I said it. Because, by not being all things to all people, I am a perfect fit for some.


You can call me, email me, text, or tweet me. But ultimately, I would like to sit with you, face-to-face. Let's talk through your business needs. And then, let's see if I'm the right solution. I look forward to meeting you soon. ~Laura Kay Rand

I am not just a marketer and fundraising professional.
I am a problem solver, a wordsmith, a communicator, an anthropologist, and a thinker—but most of all—I am a doer. Depend on me to get it done.

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